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Plantar warts, or warts that develop on your feet, are a common foot condition that can cause a good deal of discomfort, depending upon their number and location. At Goldberg Podiatry Center, LLC, Karyn Goldberg, DPM, routinely eliminates painful and unsightly warts, providing patients in Livingston, New Jersey, with a quick and easy solution for the problem. To learn more, call the office to schedule an appointment.

Warts Q & A

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are bumpy growths of skin that develop anywhere on your feet, but typically show up on your soles, making them more of a comfort issue than an aesthetic one.

Warts, whether they’re on your hands or your feet, are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is passed along through direct contact with the virus. Most people come into contact with HPV by walking barefoot in places that feature moist environments, such as locker rooms, pools, and showers.

Plantar warts typically stay confined to your feet, but they can be transmitted to your hands if you pick at them.

How do I recognize plantar warts?

Plantar warts usually present themselves as areas of thickened skin that look similar to a callus. You may also notice a tiny black dot in the center, which is called a seed, though it’s really a small amount of dried blood from a broken capillary.

Plantar warts can show up as a single growth that may grow in size if left untreated. They can also develop into what’s called a mosaic, a cluster of warts in the same area.

When should I be concerned about plantar warts?

If you have diabetes, you need to be particularly concerned about plantar warts since any issue that affects your feet is a potential problem. For starters, HPV typically enters your feet through tiny cuts or openings, which diabetics cannot afford to have in the first place.

Second, once the infection takes hold, diabetic patients have a tougher time fighting back, which is why you should see Dr. Goldberg at the earliest signs of a problem.

What are the treatments for plantar warts?

After examining and confirming your plantar warts, Dr. Goldberg comes up with a personalized treatment plan that best resolves your problem, which may include:

  • Topical treatments
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Wart removal using acid, freezing, or laser therapy

If Dr. Goldberg decides that removal is the best option, she performs the procedure right in her office using a local anesthetic.

To remedy your plantar warts, call Goldberg Podiatry Center, LLC to request an appointment.